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I am a candle artist.Candles have been used in our daily lives and also in rituals from the ancient times. They are not just tools to light but media evoke certain emotions and memories. Candle are eventually being substituted with artificial lights such as LEDs and changed into the light which turned on the digital device.In this process, I think we are losing something precious, for example, the fluctuation of a flame. Is it possible to endow the fluctuation of a flame to digital media? 

《fl/rame》 is a slightly strange work. When a burning candle is shown on a smart phone, it causes video feedback, giving rise to colors that change with the shimmering flames. By talking advantage of the fluctuation that occurs each time the light of the flame is transmitted to other devices, I make the duration of the shining lights vary. In the darkness, our senses grow increasingly acute as  we give ourselves over to the flickering images.


Copyright © 2016 KOYAMA Tomoe, All Rights Reserved.


Born in Japan.
Candle artist / media artist.
I explore the characteristics and possibilities of various media, including analog and digital. I'm mostly interested in the phenomena of combination of media, that makes me rethink the meaning of each one.


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Tomoe Koyama

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